Waiting between lands


The silence of the city can exist only when its inhabitants become stranded in the historical gaps of the city, where its past intersect with the future but where the past is empty’

Steven Barber


This body of work investigates the spaces of time that are left forgotten and discarded within the heart of the city, and the clash this causes. The work focuses on Berlin, a city of transience and change, where a turbulent past is making way for the future, its urban spaces and their function still being shaped

I have looked at the areas once occupied by the Berlin Wall as a focal point to observe how the land has been discarded, awaiting transformation. Wasteland in the center of a major European city is unusual.  It has not yet been built over, anticipating the day when it will be covered and developed.

My work intends to question the use of urban space, as well as how major cities deal with recent past. The short existence of the Berlin Wall had significant resonance throughout the 20th century.  I am drawn to the land that is left in its wake, as opposed to the physical barrier.

I have attempted to express not only what I have found but also to comment on the unease and juxtapositions caused by the haunted past.